The Art of Buying and Selling in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

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 In our daily life ,anyone want to buy items for as low as we can, and sell them for as high as we can. it works the same in FIFA 15.Unfortunately most people don't know how to do this correctly, and they lose out on a lot of FIFA 15 coins they could have made or not spent. Today we will give you an detail explanation  on the way I buy and sell players, as well as a number of great tips for buying and selling. 

Buy players as cheap as possible

Before you start buying, know the price you should be paying.When buying a player especially, make sure you know the players market price (the average price he goes for). To do this:

1.look up the player online for the average price for my system an auction search to try to find the lowest buy in now price for the item

3.set the maximum price to the lowest BIN price you just found. Sometimes I add a few auctions that will be bid on to my watch list, to find out the price the player is usually bid up to the auction for players in your formation, and compare it to the cheapest players from ALL formations.

Then you can start buying now. Be patient, look for fair buy it now prices, or try to win an auction. Usually you can win an auction for a better price than using a BIN, however for cheap players the BIN is great.

Selling art-How to price your item 

Selling items can also be an art. The items you sell are going to be the main way your club makes fifa coins, so you want to know how to price your items to get the best possible final price for them.

Again, the first step is finding the market price for the item you're selling. If it's a player, look him up online for a general price. Then search the auction house for that item, adding auctions to your watch list if necessary. Make sure you look at the items that actually have bids, and compare a few final selling prices of a couple auctions if possible. You can then set a price slightly higher than the market price, and also add a buy it now just slightly higher than that.

ALWAYS make use of the buy it now feature when you can. It's a great way to increase your income. The best buy it now prices are just high enough above the market price of the item, but still reasonable enough that it still has a chance of being bought.

Also, when selling big players or teams, it might be worth while to wait for a tournament to be released which would use those players.

keep them in shape, and win more games. Good luck out there!