Bryant was compelled to leave with injury, how Lakers' fate will be?

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The Lakers king in Las Vegas about war, 100-107 defeat rivals. Worse, Bryant a calf injury leave early in the third quarter, 4 of 12 shots before he leave 10 points, the king star Cousins who were rested. The king and the Lakers bound up in the summer. First is rajon rondo, he is considered to be the Lakers' bag, but in the end, the Lakers didn't sign him, rajon rondo to join the king, to become the team's main point guard. The second is to take an examination of hyacinth, might be traded to the Lakers was reported many times, but in the end it went nowhere. The game, the king arranged test Cousins were rested Karlos Williams Nike Jerseys team in start once in trouble. Just come up, Bryant hit consecutive fadeaway jumper, helping the Lakers to a 6-2 start. From two offensive, jumper after Bryant one-on-one singles success rate is quite good, this is now the main means of scoring. Buffered to the king, they led by rajon rondo hit 11 - take the 4 offensive. Since then, kobe Bryant inside his teammates to 4 points, but the king offensive, the first section leads the Lakers with 31-27. Time section, Mr. Russell a 5-0 attack wave, will take. But since then, the stagnation of the Lakers' offense, Bryant played also failed to change the situation, after his shot wide, the fourth straight rely on free throws for 2 points. King at counter-attack opportunity, berry, a 3-pointer by continuous collison free throws and breakthrough is also rising points in a row, led the team attack wave hit an 18-4. Before halftime and the Lakers offense is rising, but unable to limit the king score on the defensive side of things. Half home-country crowd, the Lakers trailed 63-51 king. Change Jaguars Zane Beadles Jersey of war again, continue to score momentum, the king will lead up to 16 points. At this point, the Lakers again blow, Bryant left leg was injured, he returned to the locker room for treatment, and announced that the game will not return. After losing big brother, the Lakers a few young people shoulder the responsibility and continuous clarkson's hand and Randall also completed the breakthrough dunk, once the Lakers to single digits. But before the end of three, in berry, his free throws and cic scored four points, led to complete 10-5 offensive, the king with a 88-74 lead. Details that the Lakers super sixth man, Williams was finally found his three-point play, breakthrough, three-point shots and free throws, relief scored 12 points, Russell and Nick Yang also have scores are tallied. The Lakers will be closer to single digits, but bad again destroyed defensive effort. A 3-pointer by king du camp even after two balls in Anderson, and came to 14 points. Due to the time remaining, the Lakers powerless, can only swallow.