Just one point, losing to win this opener

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The Lakers season regular season openerhttp://www.officialstarsstore.com/Womens_Youth_Kari_Lehtonen_Jerseyat home to negative the Timberwolves, 111-112, the Lakers in the third quarter lead 15 points have been reversed, Louis Williams team to not in Minnesota for new season start. He scored 24 points, 8 of 24 shots in the fourth section 5 in 0201 5 years draft downs added 14 points and 12 rebounds, rubio scored 28 points and 14 assists, gen single-game scoring record in the NBA career. This is kobe Bryant since January 22, 2015 for the first time in the regular season, kobe Bryant to play for the Lakers for 20 consecutive season in NBA history record. It was in 2015 draft downs and second Russell NBA career regular season debut, this was the NBA draft in 1966 after the reform, for the first time in first and second career in the first game at the alamodome. Kobe Bryant still technology picturesque, throw in a dozen first four back jumper, but 2 of 7 offensive efficiency is not so good. The Timberwolves on rubio's first quarter alone 10 points, the Timberwolves once seven point lead. The Lakers by clarkson and Louis Williams after joint offense, Nick Yang from the basket 41 feet to the buzzer, the Lakers finished 21 - attack wave 5 to 31-22 Timberwolves nine point lead over the first quarter. Expand Marcus Kruger Red Jerseythe war in the second quarter, the Lakers lead, Bryant his devastating, dribbled twice to open defender cic, two goals outside the three-point line, add two jump shots, plus a technical foul penalty, Bryant got 11 points in the second quarter, the Lakers will lead to 16 points. Garnett because of dissatisfaction with the referee blows the penalty for technical fouls, the Lakers home fans chorus to KG spray trash talking. Rubio downs together led counter-offensive, the Timberwolves wave after wave, in the end of the first half will be closer to 51 to 60. 15 points in the first half, Bryant rubio 14 points and eight assists, downs 10 points. Started in the second half, Bryant two consecutive using Hilbert coordination ball into high Randall for Bryant uncomplainingly, the basket storm always wins, one facing the downs into 2 + 1 defense, the Lakers will lead to 15 points. Kevin Martin lead the Timberwolves scattershot catching up, when the home-country crowd will score in the third quarter to 88-95. Rubio led the Timberwolves played the Lakers in the fourth quarter after the start of a 13-4 come back implementation, rubio 6 points in this wave of offensive. Kobe Bryant to preparations for four hit, rubio again into a cic, then assists don't examine into three points, the Timberwolves nine points ahead. Fouled Bryant made three free throws, but not into the following three points, the fourth quarter missed five goals. Randall layup to score, the Lakers behind 4 points with 59.9 seconds. Kelly cappinghttp://www.officialsenatorsproshop.com/Womens_Youth_Mark_Stone_Jerseythe layup rubio, Louis Williams received Bryant passing three points, the Lakers only one point behind. Kevin Martin cic, Randall protection rebounding didn't immediately call pause, but dribbling cut-scenes, the Lakers call timeout, time only with 4.2 seconds left. Kobe Bryant line-out, luis ball breakthrough projectile miss Williams, the Lakers lost home sorry.