Miserable! Lakers losse again

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The Lakers at home against Denver, they eventually to a 109-120 defeat to rivals, opening David West Black Jersey a four-game skid. Zakaria become the Nuggets half the number one striker, he constantly into the box, giving the Lakers' defense has made great trouble. The match, zakaria 10 of 13 shots, eight free throws with 28 points, at the same time he also had 15 rebounds, ruled the area. After it, zakaria the basket for abandoninghttp://www.authenticthunderstore.com/authentic-reggie-jackson-jersey.html the Nuggets opening goal. The Lakers then, Randall even take five points, kobe Bryant and clarkson followed up three points in the Lakers - in fact occupy the overwhelming superiority, stay clarkson soaring again seven minutes remaining in this section of the three points, the Lakers 20-10 a dream start. Gary Harris completed gliding dunk, the Denver Nuggets return a wave 8-0 offensive, helped kobe Bryant sent after air balls, reverse layup make redemption, abandoning the Lakers in the last four minutes to send this section keep advantage, home-country crowd the first quarter, the Lakers ahead, 36-30. Second section, the Lakers' second unit misfiring 0 for the first nine, the Nuggets went 9-0 39-36 was offensive. Louis wei Williams in this section and then there were eight minutes layup get broken, two teams formed confrontation. Bryant hit again after the appearance of natural and unrestrained jumper, help the team and rival stalemate. Zakaria become a focal point in the Nuggets, continuously making trouble in the paint, but on the other side, clarkson in two three points to help the team take 1 minute, the Nuggets then even with four points, halftime and the Lakers' 57 to 60, clarkson and zakaria get 20 points each. Easy side fight again in the second half, gallinari jumper, came to 5 points. The Lakers then spurt hithttp://www.officialgrizzliesstore.com/authentic-33-marc-gasol-jersey.html a wave of 15-4 offensive, Russell assists Hilbert fast-break dunk after the Lakers' 72-66 lead. But then the Lakers portal is big, the Nuggets echo wave 15-2, zakaria breakthrough dunk successful, the Denver Nuggets in a 81-74 lead. The Lakers chasing, such as the passive continued, with foye nasty sto for accuracy, the end of the third section, the Denver Nuggets in a 93-83 lead. Details, the Lakers' consecutive racketeer, Nick Yang perimeter after three free throws made a foul, Williams 3 degrees outside the three-point line draw fouls, with Louis Williams play, the Lakers will once reduced Wayne Ellington Kids Jersey to 3 points. But the last 5 minutes, the Denver Nuggets in the offensive end comprehensive fire, they play a wave of 12-4 offensive, gallinari into 2 + 1, the Nuggets had 11 points ahead. The Lakers impotent!