My Writings Trivial Opinions

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My Writings Trivial Opinions

Let me tell you a story. It is a simple story. A story of a dad. A dadtrying to give his daughter a handson education was a clear black night, a clear white moon. Warren G was on the streets, trying to consume uh, maybe I shouldn listen to old school rap while trying to write. Let us begin, again. Cheap Snapback Hats

Itwas an unusuallycool June evening. A dadwas just finishing uptrimming the lawn when hefelt a tiny pair of eyes staring at him. Looking around, he glanced upon a little frog sitting in the freshly cut grass next to the house. daughter would love to see that frog up close, he thought to himself, as an added bonus, I bet my wife would jump out of her skin if I showed it to her. And still thefrog did nothing, so the man, ever so slowlyextended his hand towards the frog. The frog jumped onto the low retaining wall next to it, so the man stifled a scream and jumped back. Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale

The man took a deep breath and glanced around to make sure none of the neighbors saw him lose round one to a frog no bigger than an infant fist. He took a deep breath, andcould donothing. He took another deep breath, andstill could donothing. He took a third deep breath, and before his mind could catch up to what his body was doing, both hands had darted towards the frog and were covering it. Unsure of what to do, now that he had won round two and actually trapped the frog, the man opened the gap between his hands just to make sure the frog was really there. He closed his hands around the frog and stood up, gloating to himself over his triumph.

As soon asthe man cupped his hands to see the frog better, the frog took a long hop off a short pier. Channeling all his childhood baseball and football training, the man caught the frog in midair justas it started its decent. The man stared at the frog in his hand in shock. The frog stared back at the man in shock. Then, seeing that it was only being held captive bya flat openhand, the frog attempted another leap to freedom, and again was caught before it could escape. Again the man and frog stared at each other in shock, before the frog made a third futile attempt at freedom. This time the man got smart, or so he thought, and covered up the frog with his free hand. Seeing no way out, the frog brought out his big guns. The man dropped the frog and stared in disbelief at his hand. that pretty awesome, the man thought to himself, sarcastically. never been peed on by a frog before. the man turned off the hose and dried his hands on his tshirt, he looked to his right and saw a frog staring at him. The frog did nothing, so the man stared at it. Still the frog did nothing, so the man continued to stare at it. When finally the frog continued to do nothing, the man bent over, reached out his hands and picked up the trimmer to finish his work. Cheap NFL Jerseys

Ok. The man is this story is obviously me, and looking back at it I realizeit isn putting me in the best light. So, let me start the story over. Wholesale Hats