Nowitzki performance well sent Lakers to season continuous rout

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The NBA regular season, the Lakers season 3 straight Alex Burrows Green Jersey loss to the mavericks, this also is their eighth consecutive defeat opponents. Kobe Bryant just three of 15 shots, rely on 7 7 free throws, had 15 points, five rebounds, Randall 22 points and 15 rebounds. Dirk nowitzki 10 of 13 shots had 25 points and 9 rebounds, Dallas six people in double. This is Bryant's season, 20 is nowitzki 18th of the season, the two men with countless fans through puberty, their rivalry is also see a less a. And the game, nowitzki is hot, he made two 3-pointers straight up, first for 6. While Bryant feel bad, just three of 15 shots, while for the second time a 3-pointer, but ultimately failed to come back. Two defeats the Lakers season, Bryant has not yet found handle, shooting only 36.1%, and be expected to second Russell didn't reach the expected performance. This time the Lakers against has seven consecutive victory over his calf, although have home court advantage, but it happened that three main return with rivals, the result will fall into a passive.Authentic Reebok Men's Alexander Edler Navy Blue Home JerseyKobe Bryant and Russell opening shots in a row, 0 for two people in total 5 first. Perimeter and calf, Matthews and dirk nowitzki left in 4 remember three points in a row, deron breakthrough achievements, the perfect start with 15-0. At this point, and Bryant free throws are used to get the team the first 3 points, Randall stormed to complete the dunk to boost team morale. Time section, nowitzki dunk, then send out a setter of assists, calf continues to hold double-digit advantage. The Lakers again on kobe, but Peter is still not find the feel, for the section 4. Desperation, kobe Bryant to strengthen the breakthrough, and his hard into the basket, get free throws. Bryant so desperately, the Lakers squad which encouraged by a 3-pointer by clarkson Randall fast-break dunk. But Russell still depressed, 0 for his half 5 1. Hilbert rebound shot hit after the Lakers to narrow the gap, with 45 to 54 trailing mavs. Change of war again, Russell and kobe Bryant has opened, two people hit 3 quick three single quarter, scoring 13 points. But the Lakers didn't get promoted overall offensive. The mavericks seize the opportunity, palmer ChuLi the insider attack successful, nowitzki is overwhelming, cic hits in a row, single section 4 of 5 shots to get eight points. Before the end of the quarter, the Lakers' second unit did not play the role of "filling pit", more and more big. Three home-country crowd, the Lakers trailed 64-64. Details that the mavs momentum is good, will lead up to 18 points. At this point, the Lakers bench army finally outbursts, the three points and stroke Williams scored eight points, buss dunk, the home side hit 12-4 offensive, narrowed Bruins Adam Oates Jersey to 10 points. The decisive moment, dirk nowitzki jumper. The final 2 minute, Williams free throws, the Lakers to six points. But felton and Barrett, the continuous cic is successful, the mavericks at 1 minute and a half before 10 points lead, tie.