Seahawks are concerned with Tom Brady, not footballs

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When kickoff time comes on Sunday in the Super Bowl, the last thing the Seattle Seahawks' defense will worry about is Earl Thomas Authentic Jersey how much air is in the footballs. 

What the Seahawks will concern themselves with is facing one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history in Tom Brady. 

“Tom understands the game so well,’’ said Seahawks free safety Earl Thomas. “His pocket presence is smooth. He doesn’t predetermine too much. He kind of flows with the game and that is why he has been so great. They are definitely dangerous.” 

So what does Thomas do to counteract Brady’s experience and savvy? 

“I am banking on my experience,” Thomas said. “I am banking on eye discipline. Then we will see, because you just have to get in your rhythm. You have to get in the flow of what is going on around you. You just let Kam Chancellor Womens Jersey your body be free. You can’t really predetermine anything.” 

The Seahawks haven’t played the Patriots since early in the 2012 season, a 24-23 victory when Seattle trailed 23-10 in the fourth quarter. 

“They’re still running the same plays,’’ said Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman. “There are some tricks here and there, but they run the same offense. You can take a few things. They were a lot younger then. I think they’re more polished now.” 

Sherman made headlines moments after the game in 2012 when he asked Brady on the field, “You mad bro?” But Sherman respects Brady’s talent and ranks him with the best. 

“We just faced Aaron [Rodgers],’’ Sherman said.” We face great quarterbacks every year. You have a great feel and respect for what they’ve been doing in this game and their longevity.” 

Seattle defensive end Michael Bennett has so much respect for Brady that he didn’t even call him Tom. 

“Thomas is a great quarterback,” Bennett said. “And they have a great team, so we have to be ready for the weapons that they have with the up-tempo offense.”