a Search Engine with Personal Records on Over

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a Search Engine with Personal Records on Over 300 Million People


I learned about Spokeo today from my son, and when I accessed it http://www.packersnflofficial.com/Nike-Aj-Hawk-Jersey.html I was spooked! This search engine website has personal information records on over 300 million people, and I was one of those 300 million. I'm saying "was" because I immediately deleted my name from their database, but I'm not very confident that Clay Matthews Womens Jersey it will remain deleted. John Kuhn Womens Jersey Without taking out a membership, the information that you can learn for free on Spokeo is full name; address; telephone number; spouse's name, and sometimes children's names; gender; approximate age; marital status; if someone is a homeowner; approximate value of home, and possibly some hobbies or interests.


If you pay a Spokeo membership fee you can learn additional information, such as email address; exact age; estimated income, social profiles; photos; videos; hobbies; lifestyles, and (it says) more!


You can search on the Spokeo search engine website for someone's personal information by www.packersnflofficial.com/Nike-Aaron-Rodgers-Jersey.html name, email address, phone Clay Matthews Youth Jersey number, username, and friends. There is also a blog that you can follow.


If you find that you are listed in Spokeo, which is quite likely, you can remove your information if you wish to do so.


1) Copy the URL that appears when you have done a name search on yourself and have also located your record.


2) Click on privacy from the bottom of the screen.


3) Paste in the URL that contains your name, type in your email address, and input the code.


I followed these steps, and then verified that my name is no longer accessible. I do plan to check back on this website occasionally to see if my name gets added back in.


Spokeo has this information on the "remove a listing" page:


"You can also remove your Spokeo listing from public searches for free. Please note that removing your Spokeo listing from public searches does not remove your information from the third party data sources. Your information will still be shown on other people search sites, and you will need to contact those third party John Kuhn Green Jersey sites one by one, or use ReputationDefender to protect your online identity."


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