Snidget find the feeling! Lakers end three losing streak

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Home on October 12, the lakers to a 126-83 giants maccabi beaten, pre-season after burnley have first win. Play as kobe Bryant played 18 points, 19 seconds, 10 6 of 21 points, state is pretty good. In addition to kobe Bryant, the lakers in double seven people. Yang 16 points, 15 points, seven rebounds, kelly Randall 14 points 9 rebounds, Williams 13 points, 12 points, black clarkson 10 points, Hilbert 8 points and 16 rebounds, 5 assists, injury to the second contribution of 5 points, 11 assists. Bryant and Randall continuous shooting Tyrod Taylor Authentic Jersey after the opening, help zijin corps during 11-2 run. Then Randall and brown and the icing on the cake, half a day time zijin corps to 17-2 a commanding lead. What is called good start is half the success, the lakers after hounding 14-year-olds, leading all the way. Although maccabi once will be closer to 12 points, but Williams hits three points before the end of the first quarter, followed by kelly again in long shots, the lakers ahead, 33-16. Start day after Bryant appearance, Peter first 3 free throws, then in long shots, Russell layup after, a commanding lead the lakers to a 50-23. Then Bryant trademark turn around jumper, people have got 13 points. Maccabi shot to a wave of emerging of 11-2, can be in front of a huge disadvantage, these against a drop in the bucket. Let alone find again before the end of the lakers' half-court offense feeling, two play, the lakers led 63-40, Hilbert caught 11 rebounds. Downlines and kobe Bryant feels hot, constantly hit, the section 6 minutes and 44 seconds left Peter perimeter and established three points, get personal 21 points in the game. It is worth mentioning that this also create LaRoy Reynolds Youth Jersey Bryant preseason personal record. Also maccabi after a wave of 0-9, clarkson, Nick Yang hand-in-hand with black and repression. Three quarters before the end of the last minute, Russell, kelly and Nick Yang scored eight points, as Yang Shaoxia buzzer fallaway jumper, the lakers to a 96-58 with 38 points at a huge advantage in details. Such advantage, means that the lakers have the cushion, but any malicious zijin legion, Williams hit 3 minutes, the two sides of most had 51 points difference! Eventually zijin corps firefight, with a huge advantage of 43, finally out of the evil spirit in the first three matches in a row.