Truly beautiful picture for Nowitzki

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Sympathy for veteran twilight? Duncan blinked to take a curious Aqib Talib Limited Jersey glance you, Dirk Nowitzki with accurate projection to let you know what is the real "beautiful picture". In Dallas 91-102 loss to the raptors, nowitzki made 6 of 10 scored 18 points and 7 rebounds, although he can't pick up the slack, but he's efficient project supporting the mavericks naturally hope all along. In the two games made 16 of nowitzki is a total of 23. 39, Duncan has just been created for a team wins 954 league record. Curious and such statistics, Duncan said he didn't understand what's going on. Public opinion in the Tim Duncan led by carefully appreciate the statistics, noticed nowitzki won 816 games for Dallas ranking fifth. Nowitzki 37, according to his two years younger than Buddha figures, wins the gap in theory formed LaDainian Tomlinson Youth Jerseysome make up for, let us have a deeper understanding of his quality. Nowitzki is through the practical action to prove his quality. 4 against the raptors, Dirk Nowitzki made 6 of 10 scored 18 points and 7 rebounds, 2 assists game 1 block. Six of his first seven shots, shots before three 3-pointers, in full, in very limited shots, greatly shows their power. Loss is, of course, will affect the result of the evaluation of Dirk Nowitzki. But first want to know, the mavericks have a lot of things involving energy: in vie returning parsons to strictly control the playing time, Matthews was equally; Opinion are focusing on deron Williams whether to higher level, but deron and Dallas the most concerned about is whether he also increase in knee pain. Even if these "excuse" aside, Dirk Nowitzki's performance in the mavs battle is absolutely an exclamation. 2 the mavericks road 103-93 win over the lakers, Dirk Nowitzki scored 25 points, 9 rebounds, he's a person plaint is 10 of 13 from the efficiency. Kobe Bryant, 37, the game is three of 15 shots, this situation will inevitably cause the contrast between the two 37 years old star. This contrast will trigger a series of lament and even more. But for Dirk Nowitzki, his state is established in this comparison sublimation. Project "picturesque" this description mentioned frequency in recent years. Picturesque beauty is a kind of state, reflects the technical ability, the ability to reflect the aesthetic feeling, that is a part of star. Against the raptors, Dirk Nowitzki outside from gestures to curve is still very beautiful, he told Patrick patterson's three-point play also is very beautiful, shaking and his aesthetic feeling is determined by input. Realize his shot efficiency, it is the real beauty!