What's wrong? Cavs the sixth losing streak

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On Oct. 19 - pre-season Cavs road 81-81 loss Trae Waynes Youth Jersey the raptors six-game losing streak, the Cavs is still in the preseason zero wins, east team only Cavs preseason no won (the west Dallas 0-4). The raptors during a 19 in the fourth quarter - 5 victory, James were rested love return 2 7 played 13 minutes for six points and four rebounds. James and Jefferson were rested, "emperor" and is still on the sidelines of incense alpert came to the arena, Owen is still not fit, love since the first round of the playoffs last season game 4 shoulder injury after the first race. The raptors 7-2 lead after the opening, love first foul made two free throws, then two cic, Cavs steady. J.R. Smith ankle twisted a return to the dressing room processing, small don't even get 7 points to help the Cavs to match. The raptors to a wave of 9-2 offensive 7 points gap, James Jones in the corner of the forced shots against the defense, Cavs at the end of the first section 24 to 28 four points behind the raptors. War in the secondhttp://www.jetsshopnfl.com/calvin-pryor-jersey_c-385.htmlquarter, J.R. Smith to come on stage, the two teams after the start of the section are not score close to 3 minutes, until varejao cic hit to break the deadlock. J.R. Smith into three points, Cavs implementation. Love to break the tile LanQiu, pass back the small mo into the cic, Vito Della added a 3-pointer, Cavs lead 7 points. The raptors until end like a dream to wake up in the second quarter, terrence Ross and lowry has three points hits, tile LanQiu demar derozan, to pick up the ball breakthrough points to complete the protester, Cavs 1 minute, the raptors caught. Joe Harris layup with tile LanQiu, head in the air, pull rod hit board hit, Cavs with a ball in the first half when home-country crowd 42-41. Cavs boss blatter said before the game will take time to love, joy and twisted his ankle first J.R. Smith did not start in the second half, James Jones and Joe Harris displacement. Lowry even send assists to lead the raptors come back again, Delaware tile with small mo to get more points and control the situation, Della d than false cast chuan assists he gove empty protester, Cavs to retake the lead position. Were two teams, Cunningham get 5 points, to help the Cavs guard lead to 64-60 entering the fourth quarter. Because it is preseason, competition become the substitute of the fourth period Jaquiski Tartt Kids Jersey. Joseph led the raptors 19-5 attack wave, a wave of the raptors than Cavs 10 points. Jedi Cavs counter-offensive once the lakers to four points, knights of the old will be divided into Bennett fill buckle with the raptors hold the game. Cunningham two free throws, Cavs behind 4 points with 30.7 seconds. Six points ahead than ever and bo layup scoring, the raptors, playing time at this time only with 8.9 seconds left. Miss Joe Harris three points, the game run out of time, the raptors at home. In fact, now the rockets inside, it encountered a serious injury. Howard because of back tightness has always been on the sidelines, it also makes McHale hope can play warcraft six preseason game idea. Including morty Mr Yunus, lithuanians, due to a back injury is still recovering, as for when to return no timetable. He is also currently the rockets all post player, one of the most serious injury degree. According to morty Mr Yunus himself, is nowhttp://www.nfleaglesofficial.com/WOMENS_YOUTH_TIM_TEBOW_JERSEY.htmlin an orderly way, need the blessing of the doctor, core strength can support after the whole body, can return. Visible Cavs is how tough!